lundi 12 janvier 2009

Africa on my mind...

The colder it gets here
(-7 as I write),
the further afield my thoughts wander,
to much, much hotter climes...
Not bad for a first attempt at Polyvore, n'est-ce pas..?

This post is inspired by the BBC series
(on their website way back in 2005)
Here are a few of the many, many things
I love about Africa:
I love the beauty of the vast starry sky and the stillness
of the night;
And I love the noise and colour of vibrant local markets,
where meeting friends and sharing in the life of the community
are more important than simply making profit.
I love sleeping outside, gazing up at God's handiwork
as I drop off to sleep;
And I love sitting inside with the door open when the rains
finally come,
watching silently with friends the pounding of water on the earth.
I love the sense of awe when a sandstorm
blows up;
And I love the joy and relief when the harvest is safely in.
I love that there is always time to talk, that people are more important
than the day's programme;
I love the generosity, that when you arrive at meal time,
you are invited to sit round the bowl and share whatever food there is;
And I love the hospitality, that when you arrive in the evening
you are invited to stay the night,
and a mat is laid out for you.
I love the sense of community - that when you go into a neighbour's yard,
you have no idea how many of the dozens of laughing children
there actually belong to that set of parents;
And I love it that family is important, and that the elderly are respected
and taken care of.
I love it that when you arrive somewhere, you don't do anything
until you have properly greeted everyone;
And I love it that when you leave, you are always sent on your way
with the blessing of God.
What about you,
have you ever been to Africa..?
And what did you love
about it..?

7 commentaires:

Callie Grayson a dit…

I have never been to africa, but after reading your post I would love to go right now it sound absolutely beautiful!

High Desert Diva a dit…

I've only been there via film.

It's on my list...

Ragged Roses a dit…

What a beautiful post, thank you! I've never been to Africa but have friends who have worked there and tell me just what a special place it is. Keep warm, Happy New Year

Jazz a dit…

I'd love to go to Africa. One day...

A Cuban In London a dit…

Never been but would love to. Thanks for a great post.

Greetings from London.

Jessica a dit…

I've never been, but first on my list when I have extra funds for traveling!

Béatrix a dit…

Je te répondrais bien sur...c'est un très joli article et tu sembles aussi être nostalgique.