mardi 14 juillet 2009

Sun, Sea, Sailing and Surf...

Off to enjoy sunsets like this in Mauritius
Hope you're all enjoying a great summer

- wherever you are,

whatever you're doing..!
Despite all my best intentions I never did find the free time to regularly
update my blog and catch up with all your delightful blogs
- I've been far too busy off-line -
I have every intention of catching up, once and for all,
when I get back...

mercredi 1 juillet 2009

Why oh Why...

" I love Africa?

photo credits

Because we are all related.

All Africans are brothers and sisters


wherever you are from in Africa, we are related.

In Africa if you are from the same house

- you are related,

from the same village
- you are related;

from the same country

- you are related.

Even from the same regional grouping like west,
east, north and southern Africa

- we are related

- as long as you are an African,

we are all related.

We refer to each other as brother and sister in Africa.

We do not have cousin or nieces

- all we have are brothers and sisters.

That is why I love Africa..."

Jonathan Tommy,
Sierra Leone