mardi 24 février 2009

Getting Crafty with Plastic Bags...

According to some estimates, between 500 billion and a trillion
plastic grocery bags are used globally each year..
There has been recently, in Europe, at least, a concerted effort by many individuals
and some foodstores to ban plastic bags.
Certainly an excellent move for the environment -
If, like me, you've well and truly kicked the plastic habit, chances are you may still
have a few floating around the place...
What better idea than to, either recycle these yourself, or, give them away
to help those a great deal less fortunate than ourselves,
particularly women with young children..?

My great friend, French fashion designer, Delphine Kohler
runs a non-profit making association
les Filles du Facteur
(associated to NGOs in West Africa)
and one of their many, many activities is the recycling of plastic bags...
The income generated from the sale of products, both online and offline, is used
mainly for community educational projects both in the Paris
innercity suburbs and in * Burkina Faso...
Plastic bags can be deposited directly, or sent to:
(la Maison des Associations du 3ième arrondissement)
Filles du Facteur,
5 rue Perrée
75003 Paris
Clockwise from top: Bouquet of flowers in a vase, a penny purse,
floormats in black and multicoloured with flowered edging...

à lire sur
A djellabah crocheted from black plastic bags
Bathmat nearing completion
Balls of plastic bags cut into strips ready to crochet
Lady at work in Burkina Faso
Ladies at work in Paris

Pour tout savoir sur les Filles du Facteur, c'est
Le premier Bidon
"Recycle le sac plastic"
est à la mairie du 3èm arrondissement de Paris (depuis le 9 février) pour
Les sacs récupérés sont découpés et crochetés par des femmes en difficulté
Elles fabriquent des objets en vente sur
envoyez ou déposez vos sacs plastique :
(la Maison des Associations du 3ième arrondissement)
Filles du Facteur,
5 rue Perrée
75003 Paris
merci de faire passer l'info
to donate money on behalf of the association to cover babyfood costs...
****Initiative génial au Niger :
Bâtir des routes avec des sacs plastiques: un autre exemple de recyclage
témoigne de la transformation au moindre cout du sac plastique
en pavé pour les routes..!
source de cette info.

lundi 23 février 2009

Coup de Ceour...

These stunning photos stopped me in my tracks...
the beautiful models, fabric and design of the dresses,
the choice of accessories, hair styling...
I just had to share

In fact, I love these so much,
I'm going to keep the photos and have similar dresses made up
by the local dressmaker on my next trip to West Africa.
I always have clothes made for me by the local tailor or dressmaker
when I travel afar
- in fact I'm the proud owner of an entire wardrobe full of the most beautiful creations,
both locally inspired and "copies" of european designs...
If you've never tried doing this,
I'd highly reccommend trying on your next trip abroad - a good idea
is to first have a favourite dress "copied", then if you're
happy with that, be more adventurous and
try something more locally inspired...

dimanche 15 février 2009

Paris Passionnément...


.° paris is, and always has been, so breathtakingly beautiful,

° parisians are just so fabulously chic,

° paris was unbelievably cold for this time of year

° parisians were, as i've always found, amazingly friendly,

° paris is full of surprises, each and every time i visit
i discover something new and different
(and i've visiting regularly for decades...)

° parisian taxi drivers were noticeable by their
absence outside our hotel,

° paris is the first European capital i ever visited,
decades ago, and i fell instantly, wildly, head over heels,
in love with the place..!

° parisian bistros (checkout my latest find)
are quite simply the best

° paris is where i met the most delightful,
whose hilarious blog is quite simply unique...
"A daughter is the happy memories of the past,
the joyful moments of the present,
and the hope and promise of the future"
Author Unknown
18 years ago today,
I became a mother, for the very first time,
and, what I want to know is, where
did all that time go..?

It only feels like yesterday that I was strutting
around with my huge belly..!
Bizarrely, after all this time,
I still don't feel like a 'mum', more like a lady
who is taking care of the
most amazing and precious person on earth...
I love this quote by
Harry S Truman:
"I have found the best way
to give advice to your children
is to find out what they want
and then advise them to do it"

mercredi 11 février 2009

Things I'm Wondering...

* where I could purchase the beautiful
mohair blanket below...
Image: JJJJound

why we can't all just get along...
* how long it takes to forget things...
* why people are so concerned with the opinions of others...

* how long it takes to "get" that some people just aren't
ever going to "get it"...

* why people choose to sit at the table next to you
when the restaurant is practically empty...
* could I really live without my cell phone...
* why everybody, but me, can wink...

* how come I'm so excited to be going to Paris
tomorrow when I've already been there zillions of times...

mardi 10 février 2009

On My Desk Today...

A very good non-blogging friend of mine,
(whom I suspect will soon be blogging as she's so full of great, fun ideas for posts...)
asked me to either show, or write a list of,
what's on my desk today;
so, here goes...
commissioned translation ready to send
strategically placed strong morning coffee
my FiloFax i use everyday
photo of Husband and Daughters
beautifully framed by a very dear friend
West African fabric samples and beads that inspire
me endlessly
handwritten cards and letters to friends across the globe
to send tomorrow
mobile phone
painting by Daughter that i love beyond words
(awaiting frame so I can hang it above my desk)
friend's CV that needs updating by him before i can
collage in progress for a dear friend in need of
home decorating inspiration
the usual suspects...
If you'd like to join me, please do
- i'd love to see, and/or read on your blog,
what's on your desk today...

vendredi 6 février 2009

The Weekend Strikes Again...

What's your idea of a perfect weekend..?
Going away somewhere,
away from the daily routine or the familiar surroundings
and taking in new sights, new surroundings,
new experiences..?
It certainly has its attractions:
the chance to get away, if only for a couple of days.
Or staying home and making plans:
having friends over, or throwing a dinner party or
filling the days with activities and errands that you never otherwise have time
to do during the regular hectic week..?
Or, even better, staying home and just enjoying yourself
with no definitive plans..?
Sleeping in, giving yourself that much-needed manucure perhaps,
having a family night with a good old film classic.
Spending Saturday watching the blue sky and the first signs
of an early Spring in the garden.
Enjoying a leisurely bike ride by the lake, pond or river.
Folding freshly-washed, sweet-smelling laundry.
Making paper thin savoury crêpes to fill with goat's cheese, aragula and
sun-dried tomatoes for Sunday brunch.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the subject...

mercredi 4 février 2009

Better late than never...

I was tagged quite a while ago, by a non-blogging friend,
and asked to use the letters of my middle name
to say things about me
that you may not already know...
One of the several Sri lankan families that I, personally, sponsor...
I - Inconcistant: as in the inconsistency of this blog’s tone,
which, as I've said before, must be very frustrating
for some readers...
I'm passionate about so many different things, have so many different
facets to my personality, and, am so fiercely
independant, that I'd hate to feel constricted, particularly here,

of all places, on my blog..!
So I guess I'll just carry on posting

whatever I feel like...

.N - NGO: we created, with the help of friends,
family, neighbours...a humanitarian NGO in the wake of the 2004
SE Asian Tsunami, to help the poorest of the poor
'forgotten victims' in the SW of Sri Lanka.
We currently have an entire village (Gonagola) up and running
(complete with primary school, water pump, medical clinic and
cooperative providing jobs for the fishermens' widows and their children...)
and practically self-sufficient...

D - Dalai Lama: as in, the spiritual leader of
Tibetan Buddhism,
whose philosophical teachings I follow...

I - Independent: as in, I am (fiercely) independent:
Definition :
1. free from the influence or control of others
2. not relying on the support (esp. financial support) of others
3. capable of acting for oneself or on one's own

A - Aware: as in, I like to know what’s going on,
although not in a gossipy way.
I don’t watch the TV news as I don’t like its slant on things
I take my news via Newspapers or Internet,
where I can click off when something is too disturbing
but also seek out feel good stories on my own...

mardi 3 février 2009

Photographers of Distinction...

Paolo Roversi’s visual style is unmistakable:
paint-like colours, camera blur, timeless-looking subjects and clothing,
resulting in images that look more like 19th century painting
than 21st century photographs.
His breathtaking images and deep knowledge
of photography/art history
put him in the elite of elite fashion/editorial
photographers globally.
Photos of Liya Kebede by Paolo Roversi (via AVM)
from the Afrocentric slideshow
featured last year in the NYT Style Magazine
In my opinion, Roversi's work is timeless
and stands apart from anything anyone else is doing
- I love, love, love his work..!

lundi 2 février 2009

En Attendant les Premières Brocantes...

heureusement que les dépôts-ventes et
les blogs de brocanteurs sont là
pour les chineuses impatientes
et trépignantes...
Images: Inredningsgalleriet Knut&Svea
On peut aussi feuilleter des magazines spécialisés
ou consulter des livres comme:
de Sébastien Siraudeau
chez Flammarion
"Il nous y livre ses coups de coeur :
collection de lieux et boutiques de brocanteurs,
choisis pour l'originalité de leur marchandise,
la fantaisie de leur mises en scène
et la personnalité
de leurs propriétaires"