mardi 10 février 2009

On My Desk Today...

A very good non-blogging friend of mine,
(whom I suspect will soon be blogging as she's so full of great, fun ideas for posts...)
asked me to either show, or write a list of,
what's on my desk today;
so, here goes...
commissioned translation ready to send
strategically placed strong morning coffee
my FiloFax i use everyday
photo of Husband and Daughters
beautifully framed by a very dear friend
West African fabric samples and beads that inspire
me endlessly
handwritten cards and letters to friends across the globe
to send tomorrow
mobile phone
painting by Daughter that i love beyond words
(awaiting frame so I can hang it above my desk)
friend's CV that needs updating by him before i can
collage in progress for a dear friend in need of
home decorating inspiration
the usual suspects...
If you'd like to join me, please do
- i'd love to see, and/or read on your blog,
what's on your desk today...

5 commentaires:

The Daily Connoisseur a dit…

Unfortunately, what is on my desk is too embarrassing to mention!- especially because I just did a post on cleanliness! My desk is the exception- strewn with papers and post-its. I guess I can attribute that to writing my book- it is organized chaos!

Your desk looks lovely, however, I aspire to such greatness!

Poetikat a dit…

You put me to shame with your neat space. If I post mine, I'll have to leave the country (okay, that's an exaggeration).

I saw your short, apt poem at Willow's. I remember that from somewhere in my past as well.

I'll be back, but would be pleased if you would check out my blogs.


l'air du temps a dit…

i like the items you described about what's on your desk. much of it is also connected to your heart which makes it beautiful.

i just bought a new desk so it is pretty clean, just with a few books i'm reading, my journal and an assignment from work i'm working on.

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

What looks to me a perfectly organised space but it takes on a new homely look after you describe each item on that table. Everything there has a personal touch for you and what more can you want to work under the influence of. Mine is at the moment non existant lol!

Callie Grayson a dit…

I will have to do this over the weekend before I pack up my office, sounds fun.

love your list! it's great to hear tid bits about bloggy friends:)
have a great day, I will post what's on my desk on this weekend.