mardi 24 février 2009

Getting Crafty with Plastic Bags...

According to some estimates, between 500 billion and a trillion
plastic grocery bags are used globally each year..
There has been recently, in Europe, at least, a concerted effort by many individuals
and some foodstores to ban plastic bags.
Certainly an excellent move for the environment -
If, like me, you've well and truly kicked the plastic habit, chances are you may still
have a few floating around the place...
What better idea than to, either recycle these yourself, or, give them away
to help those a great deal less fortunate than ourselves,
particularly women with young children..?

My great friend, French fashion designer, Delphine Kohler
runs a non-profit making association
les Filles du Facteur
(associated to NGOs in West Africa)
and one of their many, many activities is the recycling of plastic bags...
The income generated from the sale of products, both online and offline, is used
mainly for community educational projects both in the Paris
innercity suburbs and in * Burkina Faso...
Plastic bags can be deposited directly, or sent to:
(la Maison des Associations du 3ième arrondissement)
Filles du Facteur,
5 rue Perrée
75003 Paris
Clockwise from top: Bouquet of flowers in a vase, a penny purse,
floormats in black and multicoloured with flowered edging...

à lire sur
A djellabah crocheted from black plastic bags
Bathmat nearing completion
Balls of plastic bags cut into strips ready to crochet
Lady at work in Burkina Faso
Ladies at work in Paris

Pour tout savoir sur les Filles du Facteur, c'est
Le premier Bidon
"Recycle le sac plastic"
est à la mairie du 3èm arrondissement de Paris (depuis le 9 février) pour
Les sacs récupérés sont découpés et crochetés par des femmes en difficulté
Elles fabriquent des objets en vente sur
envoyez ou déposez vos sacs plastique :
(la Maison des Associations du 3ième arrondissement)
Filles du Facteur,
5 rue Perrée
75003 Paris
merci de faire passer l'info
to donate money on behalf of the association to cover babyfood costs...
****Initiative génial au Niger :
Bâtir des routes avec des sacs plastiques: un autre exemple de recyclage
témoigne de la transformation au moindre cout du sac plastique
en pavé pour les routes..!
source de cette info.

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Cuántas ideas, cuánta creatividad!
Cuánto podemos hacer para dejar de contaminar con tanto plástico, muy buena idea la de reciclar.
Un abarzo

Sara Christine a dit…

I love the idea of crocheting with plastic bags! Genius, and I bet it could produce some really beautiful things.

Callie Grayson a dit…

ok the floor mats are amazing! what a great idea!!

l'air du temps a dit…

truly amazing. i've never seen anything like these gorgeous creations. thanks for sharing this information, i am very much looking for ways to improve my doings in the world. so getting rid of my plastic bags not only helps enviornmentaly, i can add my 2 cents to creativity. merci beaucoup!

dutchbaby a dit…

I've read about this project before; it's truly inspiring. I knew someone who used to crochet pot scrubbers from tulle fabric; I still own a couple.

Amina a dit…

the women are soo talented! I crochet and never knew you could do it with plastic as well

Jazz a dit…

I can't help but think that djellaba must be terribly hot...

But that's truly amazing stuff.

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Those plastic bag projects are beautiful. I wish they would start this in all the poor countries then they would not have to worry about costs to dispose off these bags.
Most shops in England now a days encourage people to reuse their bags over and over again so that there is less usage of these bags and also the bags now a days are made of biodegradable plastics. But this idea of using it in such a creative way is wonderful. Your friend is really doing wonderful work.

defline a dit…

thanks everybody !!! for your interest and help / just back from Africa, could not check easily mails and blog / grand merci à toi Judi pour ton grand coup de pouce, i feel stronger to continue / PS :the djellabah was a special artist's order ... just appeciate the work of Adamla who crocheted this piec eof art for 3 weeks ... Adma is wearing his djellabah herself for picture (excuse my bad english ..)

Anonyme a dit…

Je viens de découvrir Les Filles du Facteur et leur mission qui me touche et qui touche tout le monde. Je vais faire un message sur mon blog qui donnera des infos pour le recyclage des sacs en plastics.

Ah, et toutes les photos du Burkina sont si belles et évoquantes...


Mutuelle sante a dit…

Très belles réalisations. Merci de faire connaître cette association, "les filles du facteur"