vendredi 6 février 2009

The Weekend Strikes Again...

What's your idea of a perfect weekend..?
Going away somewhere,
away from the daily routine or the familiar surroundings
and taking in new sights, new surroundings,
new experiences..?
It certainly has its attractions:
the chance to get away, if only for a couple of days.
Or staying home and making plans:
having friends over, or throwing a dinner party or
filling the days with activities and errands that you never otherwise have time
to do during the regular hectic week..?
Or, even better, staying home and just enjoying yourself
with no definitive plans..?
Sleeping in, giving yourself that much-needed manucure perhaps,
having a family night with a good old film classic.
Spending Saturday watching the blue sky and the first signs
of an early Spring in the garden.
Enjoying a leisurely bike ride by the lake, pond or river.
Folding freshly-washed, sweet-smelling laundry.
Making paper thin savoury crêpes to fill with goat's cheese, aragula and
sun-dried tomatoes for Sunday brunch.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the subject...

11 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

All of those things sound lovely! For me it depends on the weekend. :) This weekend--nice mellow relaxation, and much needed sleep.

Hope you have a good one!

Leslie a dit…

This image is just so evocative...I want to find out where it is so I can go there and do all these things ;-)

Callie Grayson a dit…

oh, the crepes with goat cheese and rocket for brunch sounds heavenly.
a nice relaxing weekend away to get up early for a leisurely walk along the lake then return to an amazing brunch of crepes would be ideal!

P. a dit…

un bon week end c'est passer du temps avec ceux qu'on aime à partager des moments authentiques et se rapprocher de la beauté de mêre Nature.

minuscule expo a dit…

un bon week-end, c'est avoir 2 jolies ailes dans le dos le dimanche soir / quoi qu'on ait fait. Et pas un pôv coup de blues. ON se parle jeudi au téléphone ??? chouette et vivement vendredi !!

The Daily Connoisseur a dit…

The idea of a perfect weekend for me would be to jump into that lovely picture you posted on this blog and get lost in the fantasy! lol

Jazz a dit…

My perfect weekend... well it's pretty much my every weekend. Going to the cottage with Mr. Jazz on Friday evening. Having drinks and a chat. Watching a movie, doing not much of anything on Saturday, seeing friends for dinner Saturday night, and so on. Buying that cottage was the best move we ever made. Every weekend is a mini vacation.

Pamela Terry and Edward a dit…

I hope you had a marvelous weekend!

High Desert Diva a dit…

I'd actually like to spend an entire weekend in that outdoor bed overlooking the ocean.

The crepes wouldn't be bad, either.

Esti a dit…

a late breakfast and some moments of quietness would do for me :)

ck a dit…

I love it..

This is a reason why I love India
in the summer time,
it's so warm outside during the day,
in the night..
you have sleep outside,
on the roof,
with the moon and the stars..
and the wind..