lundi 23 février 2009

Coup de Ceour...

These stunning photos stopped me in my tracks...
the beautiful models, fabric and design of the dresses,
the choice of accessories, hair styling...
I just had to share

In fact, I love these so much,
I'm going to keep the photos and have similar dresses made up
by the local dressmaker on my next trip to West Africa.
I always have clothes made for me by the local tailor or dressmaker
when I travel afar
- in fact I'm the proud owner of an entire wardrobe full of the most beautiful creations,
both locally inspired and "copies" of european designs...
If you've never tried doing this,
I'd highly reccommend trying on your next trip abroad - a good idea
is to first have a favourite dress "copied", then if you're
happy with that, be more adventurous and
try something more locally inspired...

7 commentaires:

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

They are gorgeous dresses. You are absolutely right about dresses being made in their native places. They are much more fun to have and wear.

A Cuban In London a dit…

I share your pleasure as well. The dresses are magnificent and so are the models. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Anne in Oxfordshire a dit…

Hi Thank you for visiting my blog..pleased you like it:-)

Just wondering how you found me!

My Castle in Spain a dit…

Love it !! (fabrics & girls)
tell me i hope you'll give us a glimpse of your newly made dresses..
i sometimes wear my long African dresses in Granada in summer and love it!

Ciara a dit…

It's a while since I paid a visit. Looking forward to catching up with what you've up to!

Callie Grayson a dit…

that 3rd dress is sooooo beautiful! I would love to have that dress made to wear! absolutely stunning. the colours and the style are perfect!

Amina a dit…

the dresses are gooorgeous!!