jeudi 30 avril 2009

Destination l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue...

pour un weekend de chine dans les brocantes/

with Sunday Lunch at this excellent family run restaurant:
* "Le Carré d'Herbes"
13, Avenue des Quatre Otages ...
L'isle sur la Sorgue
* Le Carré d'Herbes:
"Un espace de verdure au cœur des antiquaires où l'on savoure des mets provençaux
confectionnés au gré du marché..."

mardi 28 avril 2009

India on my Mind...

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints
his own nature into his pictures"
henry ward beecher

All photos by photographer: Claude Renault
"...his photographs are multi-faceted, profound, and historically aware.
With his camera, Claude is able to bring India close to us.
He views people without any type of social romanticism and portrays them
in everyday life situations, their self-confidence, pride, joy,
religion, serenity, leisure, contemplation, modestry, sadness, misery, poverty...
Claude doesn't approach people with his camera in an aloof
and voyeuristic manner, but as one of them.
His impressions are, in their perfectly calculated light and their play of colours,
a declaration of love to the people of this subcontinent..."
I couldn't have said it better myself..!

samedi 25 avril 2009

Dreams are made of this...

*Poupées clonettes,
sacs plastiques recyclés, OrphanAid Africa,
jus d'Hibiscus, jus de Gingembre, le Gimbriscus de Delphine,
Lisa, le Ghana, le Burkina Faso, le 'trotro', le kente,
le commerce équitable, le métissage,
le respect de l'environnement, le respect des métiers de créations anciens,
les échanges nord-sud, le respect des ainés...
.. Bottom left: Lisa Lovatt Smith, founder of OrphanAid Africa

OrphanAid Africa is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO)
Its aim is to support orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana through programs
in care reform, education, and development.
Their goal is to ensure that children grow up in safe and
permanent family settings
with appropriate care and protection...
Créée en 2002 par Lisa Lovatt-Smith, Orphelinats d’Afrique (OA)
est une organisation non gouvernementale (ONG) à but non lucratif qui aide
les orphelins et les enfants défavorisés du Ghana
à grandir
dans les meilleures conditions.
Cela en aidant les familles, les communautés, les organisations et administrations
à leur apporter soins, protection, éducation et alimentation de qualité...
*La couleur noire est celle du plastique RECYCLÉ
1 euro sera prélevé sur la vente de ces poupées
pour l'enfance défavorisée en Afrique...

mardi 21 avril 2009

Just Wondering Why...

* why so many people say I resemble Katherine Hepburn
- of course, it's extremely flattering; unfortunately for me, it's NOT true...

Katherine Hepburn
* why everybody, but me, can whistle...
* why the majority of people watching the Annecy marathon
last weekend wore trainers and tracksuits...
* why, if I prefer a degree of privacy, do I blog..?
* why Sarkozy seems more interested in being popular
than being effective...
Does he really think that by insulting Obama/Merkel/Zapatero...
we'll no longer focus on how little he's done
in terms of this country's economy, unemployment rate,
homelessness and crime..?

* why I sometimes I forget how lucky I am...

* why so many people feel obliged to share their personal
(as in, private) life with strangers (as in, neighbours)...

* why I can't leave the house without walking through a
cloud of scent (Nothing too overpowering, just a spritz up into the air)...

* why so many people I know don't seem to know the difference
between monologue and conversation...
the spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk.
a prolonged talk or discourse by a single speaker,
particularly one dominating or monopolizing a conversation..!

* why everybody, but me, can wink...
* why people keep refering to Susan Boyle as unattractive.
The GREAT singers were never about image.
Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and their ilk were singers first and foremost
When you got to see them in person it did not occur to expect them to be any more
than they were. People did not expect a plastic doll...

* why people are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.
People who get on in this world are the people who get up
and look for the circumstances they want, and,
if they can’t find them, make them...
* why so many of us are too busy watching how people see us
to just be ourselves...
Are wondering why..?
I'd love to know...

vendredi 10 avril 2009

The Easter Feeling...

Felices Pascuas,
Joyeuses Pâques,
Happy Easter.!
"The Easter feeling does not end.
It signals a new beginning,
Of nature, spring, and brand new life,
And friendship, peace, and giving.
The spirit of Easter is all about
Hope, love,
and joyful living"
author unknown
My photo, Lake Annecy

Whatever else you do before leaving my blog,
do not miss

mercredi 8 avril 2009

My African Childhood...

“There is a garden in every childhood,
an enchanted place where colors are brighter,
the air softer,
and the morning more fragrant than ever again”
Elizabeth Lawrence
Wenchi, 1963
Some of my favorite memories of my childhood
are not my memories at all,
they are my mother’s...
The stories she tells are of a toddler who is strong willed
and determined.
A child who knows her mind and is not going to let anyone
make her change it.
A two year old who loathed the indoors and loved nothing more than
to spend entire days in the great outdoors.
A three year old who ate her dinner with her fingers
(or not at all)
because it was better that way.
A four year old who knew an entire neighborhood
by name and was considered very much part of each family
and the community.
A five year old who who spoke fluent Twi (the local dialect)
and loved nothing better than to help her
parents out when they couldn't quite make themselves
I love that girl. I’ve missed her.

dimanche 5 avril 2009


It has been brought to my attention that I've been blogging for
just over a year
(see my first ever post here)
- doesn't time fly, I can hardly believe it..!
In some ways it seems like I have been blogging for years and
in others I feel like I am still a newbie...
In celebration of this monumentous occasion (ha ha!)
here are
a few random blog tidbits about me:
° Here, There, Elsewhere...
was not my first choice for a blog title...
° I’m an independent minded thinker who marches to the beat
of her own drummer, even though my blog
may not necessarily reflect this...
° I am not quite sure what I gave up
to make time for this as I still do so much off-line…
° I have received many, many nice, intelligent and
thoughtful comments.
° I have many regular readers who never leave comments but
send me mails instead..

° Since starting this blog I have been introduced to an entire new vocabulary;
twitter, stumble, digg, memes...I could go on and on...
° I really, really, really appreciate my readers, and particularly,
my commenters;
I know I no longer respond to every comment
but I do read every one.
° I have learned so much from this experience...and
I know I wouldn’t blog if it wasn’t fun, so
thanks for keeping it enjoyable..!

.Plus, a giveway,
and all you have to do is guess
where I've been for the last few days...

Clues to help you:

° I took the above photos (all except 4th down which is from flickr)
of one of the many shops I visited
whilst there...
° Doris Day immortalized the city, not only in film
but also in song...
° I love the city with passion and visit often...
I'm sure you've all already guessed the answer, so, just leave me
a word - I'll select one correct response at random and
let you know who's the lucky winner
of the gift I bought at MERCI..!

mercredi 1 avril 2009


Sometimes i do things right,
and sometimes I don't.
I love this by image Tim Walker
Sometimes i love to cook,
and sometimes i love to watch.

Sometimes i just want to hide under my quilt.
and sometimes i want to leap out from under my quilt...

Sometimes i love eating out,
and sometimes i just want to eat in

Sometimes i think outside the box,
and sometimes i don't know how to do otherwise

Sometimes i think I can,
and sometimes i know i can...

Sometimes I want to escape for a day...
but I always want to come back!

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.

Do you have a sometimes?