mardi 30 septembre 2008

Confession time...

Who's been eating my croissant..?
said Daddy Bear..?!
I have a confession to make...
I ADORE croissants -
the real thing, you know, the pure butter, light, flaky, melt in the mouth variety;
I'd easily go half way round the world to find the best
(luckily I don't have to)
- and this is the bizarre part -
I only really LOVE the croissant "legs"..!

I think I can honestly say I've never eaten a whole croissant -
(I can almost hear words like obsessional behaviour, phobia, diet...etc flying around out there.
Honestly, you're way off the mark if that's what you're thinking...)
I just prefer to eat (any number of them of them if I'm really hungry..!)
"les pattes" (as they say in French)
and, quite frankly, as Husband and both Daughters
prefer the (bigger) middle part...
Well, tell me, do I need to analyze the issue further or even
follow some kind of analysis..?
I don't think so - nobody in the family does either...
(haha, wonder why..?!!)
Your turn now folks...
What's your oddest/quirkiest/most bizarre habit..?

jeudi 25 septembre 2008

We'll have to wait and see...

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and
its best hope for the future”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
(American 35th US President)
. Crédit : REUTERS
P.S (added 26/09/08) Any guesses as to who the cute little chap is..?!

mardi 23 septembre 2008

The mystery of Enid Blyton's revival...

"Golliwogs, goblins and girls - definitely not boys - doing the washing-up.
It's easy to see why Enid Blyton's books went out of fashion..."
But did you know..?
her work is enjoying a surprise comeback
according to the BBC website,
Enid Blyton was not only recently named Britain's best-loved author in a poll
but earlier this year Disney UK unveiled its Famous 5:
On the Case animation, in which the imagined offspring of the original five
follow in their parents' intrepid footsteps...
Well I was certainly raised as a child on a diet of Enid Blyton,
from Noddy to the famous five, the secret seven, the schoolgirls of St Claires...
I could go on and on...
Enid Blyton fired the imagination of children everywhere;
how I longed to go on adventures like the famous five,
to catch smugglers, to ride off on my bicycle with bags of lettuce,
heaps of tomatoes and lashings of ginger beer!
Just how important books have always been to me,
is a "long story"...
I'll save that for another day...
I love old Enid Blyton hardbacks, such as the one above, I just love
the illustrations as much as anything...
A few years ago all newly produced Enid Blyton books were
rewritten in a politically correct manner,
which makes the originals all the more appealing to me!
. .

jeudi 18 septembre 2008

Haute Couture à l'indienne...

"La beauté échappe aux modes passagères"
Robert Doisneau

.J'adore ces magnifiques robes mises en valeur
par ces belles indiennes si élégantes et gracieuses..!

L'Inde accueille depuis mardi 16 septembre
sa première semaine de la haute couture
à Bombay

mercredi 17 septembre 2008

Beyond Beauty...

play a very important role
in the social and culture lifestyle of Ghanaians,
when beads are used,
attention is paid to their shape, size, designs, colour and material....
Beads are not considered as mere decorative accessories.
The different shapes and colors
have specific meanings...
Some are worn for special occasions, others on a daily basis.
Beads convey social and cultural messages,
indicate status and symbolize the important milestones of a life.
Photo :Google
all shapes and sizes
thick, thin, large, small
no matter...
any which way,
I simply ADORE them !

As children, my sisters, friends and I
would wear them around our waist,
necks, wrists and ankles
alone or in layers,
single or multicoloured...
In everyday life women, men and children wear beads;
they are visibly displayed
around the neck, wrist, *waist, ankles, arms, and on clothing...
How you can contribute to Fair Trade in Ghana
**Bead seller at the Koforidua Bead Market
Au Ghana les perles ne sont pas considérées comme de simples
accessoires d'ornement...
Les différentes formes et couleurs ont des significations spécifiques.
Certaines sont portées pour des occasions spéciales, d'autres quotidiennement.
Elles peuvent transmettre des messages, indiquer le statut,
ou symboliser les étapes importantes d'une vie....

Comment contribuer au développement durable au Ghana

*The wearing of beads by women around their waist is
a measure of beauty in most of West Africa.
Beads are worn from early infancy and all through adulthood.
They serve many purposes among which, it is believed,
the wearing of beads helps in the proper development of a woman’s figure..!
**Held on Thursdays, Africa’s largest wholesale bead market
is in the Ghanaian town of Koforidua..

lundi 15 septembre 2008


Things I Know For Sure...

Laughing is good therapy.

No matter what, at the end of the day you can't recapture lost time.

Reading the instructions makes all the difference.
What you do to others reflects on you.

My occupation does not define me.

No-one can see dust in candlelight.
The older I get the more I appreciate my youth.

It is physically impossible to tickle yourself
There is no recompense for the loss of one's self-respect
I love the sounds of happiness.

Do not set your goals by what other people deem important.
Only you know what is best for you.
It takes two to be a couple.

My position in the community does not define me.

I like my bed better than any other.
Thoughts without action are only daydreams.

To attract friends you must be friendly.

No-one is ever going to take me camping...
Never compare yourself with others.
It is because we are different that each of us is special.
When you make big mistakes
You make smaller ones next time
To attract love you must be loving.

They don't make movies like they used to...
.I'd love to know what's on your list...

vendredi 12 septembre 2008

Me, myself, I...

This is my version of a post a non-blogging
friend forwarded after reading it
.. .
i am, i was an adventurous little girl. i am, i was a free spirit.

i am, i was a dreamer. i am, i was a daughter. i am, i was a tree climber.

i am, i was an optimist. i am, i was unique.

i am, i was a beachcomber. i am, i was a NGO volunteer worker.

i am, i was an athlete. i am, i was a loyal friend. i am, i was a researcher.

i am, i was a doting mother. i am, i was a hopeless romantic.

i am, i was multi-lingual. i am, i was a thinker. i am, i was a world traveler.

i am, i was a lover. i am, i was a vegetarian. i am, i was an artist.

i am, i was a stargazer. i am, i was a translator.

i am, i was a listener. i am, i was an amateur photographer.

i am, i was a collector of memories. i am, i was a teacher.

i am, i was multi-cultural. i am, i was a management consultant.

i am, i was a gardener. i am, i was a god-mother.

i am, i was a capturer of blissful moments.

i am, i was and wanna be just me...

...and you are?

lundi 1 septembre 2008

Stop the World...

I'm getting off...
Do you ever feel like
stopping the world long enough to hop off,
do a long list of things,
sleep for about six weeks straight,
and then hop back on..?
Sometimes it is just so hard to fit everything in,
(I'm sure you can all relate to this)
I'm very much wishing
I could just stop time flying long enough
to catch up,
whatever that means..!
. .
P.S: Catching up includes finding the time to visit all your beautiful blogs too..!