mardi 23 septembre 2008

The mystery of Enid Blyton's revival...

"Golliwogs, goblins and girls - definitely not boys - doing the washing-up.
It's easy to see why Enid Blyton's books went out of fashion..."
But did you know..?
her work is enjoying a surprise comeback
according to the BBC website,
Enid Blyton was not only recently named Britain's best-loved author in a poll
but earlier this year Disney UK unveiled its Famous 5:
On the Case animation, in which the imagined offspring of the original five
follow in their parents' intrepid footsteps...
Well I was certainly raised as a child on a diet of Enid Blyton,
from Noddy to the famous five, the secret seven, the schoolgirls of St Claires...
I could go on and on...
Enid Blyton fired the imagination of children everywhere;
how I longed to go on adventures like the famous five,
to catch smugglers, to ride off on my bicycle with bags of lettuce,
heaps of tomatoes and lashings of ginger beer!
Just how important books have always been to me,
is a "long story"...
I'll save that for another day...
I love old Enid Blyton hardbacks, such as the one above, I just love
the illustrations as much as anything...
A few years ago all newly produced Enid Blyton books were
rewritten in a politically correct manner,
which makes the originals all the more appealing to me!
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5 commentaires:

Amina a dit…

j'adore le club des 5!!
je les ai tous lus

Ciara a dit…

Hi there! Thanks for your visit and sweet words. I love what I see here and will definitely be back!

Jazz a dit…

I loved Enid Blyton. And I can't believe they rewrote them politically correct. I hate when they underestimate children that way. Kids are able to understand that these stories took place in another era. Geez, give them some credit!

Elizabeth a dit…

I LOVED Enid Blyton books. I was raised on them too. I wonder what was changed to make them more p.c.?

Angry African a dit…

Never read it before. But now I want to! But in original.

(You are so going on my blogroll now)