mercredi 17 septembre 2008

Beyond Beauty...

play a very important role
in the social and culture lifestyle of Ghanaians,
when beads are used,
attention is paid to their shape, size, designs, colour and material....
Beads are not considered as mere decorative accessories.
The different shapes and colors
have specific meanings...
Some are worn for special occasions, others on a daily basis.
Beads convey social and cultural messages,
indicate status and symbolize the important milestones of a life.
Photo :Google
all shapes and sizes
thick, thin, large, small
no matter...
any which way,
I simply ADORE them !

As children, my sisters, friends and I
would wear them around our waist,
necks, wrists and ankles
alone or in layers,
single or multicoloured...
In everyday life women, men and children wear beads;
they are visibly displayed
around the neck, wrist, *waist, ankles, arms, and on clothing...
How you can contribute to Fair Trade in Ghana
**Bead seller at the Koforidua Bead Market
Au Ghana les perles ne sont pas considérées comme de simples
accessoires d'ornement...
Les différentes formes et couleurs ont des significations spécifiques.
Certaines sont portées pour des occasions spéciales, d'autres quotidiennement.
Elles peuvent transmettre des messages, indiquer le statut,
ou symboliser les étapes importantes d'une vie....

Comment contribuer au développement durable au Ghana

*The wearing of beads by women around their waist is
a measure of beauty in most of West Africa.
Beads are worn from early infancy and all through adulthood.
They serve many purposes among which, it is believed,
the wearing of beads helps in the proper development of a woman’s figure..!
**Held on Thursdays, Africa’s largest wholesale bead market
is in the Ghanaian town of Koforidua..

5 commentaires:

Elizabeth a dit…

What color, what endless diversity! Those beads are wonderful.

Mrs.French a dit…

lovely the photos.

Amina a dit…

j'en portais beaucoup quand je vivais a Dakar!!
Le plus surprenant ce que chaque mois il y'en avait de nouvelles!!
La derniere fois c'etaient des lumineuses: elles brillent dans le

béatrix a dit…

Moi aussi j 'aime beaucoup toutes ces perles et j 'en ai ramené quelques une de Côte d'Ivoire; Je n 'ai pas compris comment mettre un lien(sorry!)Ton blog est très beau.

deflina a dit…

je disais donc ... le temps de me ficher sur googleblogger n'est'ilpas .... les beads koforidua lisa orphan aid tout çà me ramène vitevite au ghana alors que je suis revenue depuis 15 jours seulement et seulement j'ai l'impression d'atterir
A très vite sister Ekua (mamadelf)