mardi 30 septembre 2008

Confession time...

Who's been eating my croissant..?
said Daddy Bear..?!
I have a confession to make...
I ADORE croissants -
the real thing, you know, the pure butter, light, flaky, melt in the mouth variety;
I'd easily go half way round the world to find the best
(luckily I don't have to)
- and this is the bizarre part -
I only really LOVE the croissant "legs"..!

I think I can honestly say I've never eaten a whole croissant -
(I can almost hear words like obsessional behaviour, phobia, diet...etc flying around out there.
Honestly, you're way off the mark if that's what you're thinking...)
I just prefer to eat (any number of them of them if I'm really hungry..!)
"les pattes" (as they say in French)
and, quite frankly, as Husband and both Daughters
prefer the (bigger) middle part...
Well, tell me, do I need to analyze the issue further or even
follow some kind of analysis..?
I don't think so - nobody in the family does either...
(haha, wonder why..?!!)
Your turn now folks...
What's your oddest/quirkiest/most bizarre habit..?

5 commentaires:

Callie Grayson a dit…

i have quite a few! ha!
funny, i too only like the legs. i will eat them first and then the center if i am still hungry... i like how they are a big crunchy/flakey
i love scooping peanut butter on a teaspoon then rolling in m&m's!
i love homemade chocolate frosting, i will make and eat with a spoon.
the list can go on and on....

A Cuban In London a dit…

Enfermera!!!! (Ref from 'Los Vampiros en la Habana')

Greetings from London.

Sari a dit…

How funny! I like the legs best too!

If you want to talk about quirky food habits - until a few years ago, I could not eat meat bone-in. So, t-bone steaks, drumsticks, ribs, etc. It was just gross to me. It still is kind of gross, but I'm better about tolerating it now, LOL. :)

please sir a dit…

Oh I LOVE them too - I could eat one every day!

Mary-Laure a dit…

When I eat a mille-feuille, I deconstruct it in layers to eat it...