lundi 1 septembre 2008

Stop the World...

I'm getting off...
Do you ever feel like
stopping the world long enough to hop off,
do a long list of things,
sleep for about six weeks straight,
and then hop back on..?
Sometimes it is just so hard to fit everything in,
(I'm sure you can all relate to this)
I'm very much wishing
I could just stop time flying long enough
to catch up,
whatever that means..!
. .
P.S: Catching up includes finding the time to visit all your beautiful blogs too..!

8 commentaires:

Ann Marie a dit…

This picture makes me want to call some friends over for a little lunch! :) Very quaint and inviting!

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Such a peaceful picture. Life can be very busy and I hope you will find enough time to catch your breath and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Ragged Roses a dit…

Oh I know that feeling very well! Take care

LOUISE a dit…

Thank you for finding precious time to leave a comment on my blog, I appreciate it very much. You are the second blogger I have met from France to date, really exciting. x

amy a dit…

i hear you. don't stress. enjoy. we love you always!

Jessica a dit…

Take some time for you! That's an order. :) LOL

Jessica a dit…

Oh, no-feel better soon! :)

Elizabeth a dit…

Take time for yourself, my dear!