mercredi 4 février 2009

Better late than never...

I was tagged quite a while ago, by a non-blogging friend,
and asked to use the letters of my middle name
to say things about me
that you may not already know...
One of the several Sri lankan families that I, personally, sponsor...
I - Inconcistant: as in the inconsistency of this blog’s tone,
which, as I've said before, must be very frustrating
for some readers...
I'm passionate about so many different things, have so many different
facets to my personality, and, am so fiercely
independant, that I'd hate to feel constricted, particularly here,

of all places, on my blog..!
So I guess I'll just carry on posting

whatever I feel like...

.N - NGO: we created, with the help of friends,
family, neighbours...a humanitarian NGO in the wake of the 2004
SE Asian Tsunami, to help the poorest of the poor
'forgotten victims' in the SW of Sri Lanka.
We currently have an entire village (Gonagola) up and running
(complete with primary school, water pump, medical clinic and
cooperative providing jobs for the fishermens' widows and their children...)
and practically self-sufficient...

D - Dalai Lama: as in, the spiritual leader of
Tibetan Buddhism,
whose philosophical teachings I follow...

I - Independent: as in, I am (fiercely) independent:
Definition :
1. free from the influence or control of others
2. not relying on the support (esp. financial support) of others
3. capable of acting for oneself or on one's own

A - Aware: as in, I like to know what’s going on,
although not in a gossipy way.
I don’t watch the TV news as I don’t like its slant on things
I take my news via Newspapers or Internet,
where I can click off when something is too disturbing
but also seek out feel good stories on my own...

7 commentaires:

High Desert Diva a dit…

Interesting tag. I haven't heard of the middle name tag before, but I did just do the 6th of 6th. So I'll play along on the first part!

(Kudo's on helping the 'forgotten victims')

Callie Grayson a dit…

What fun! i will post over the weekend.
yeah! thanks.

Jessica a dit…

So nice to learn more about you! :)Kudos to you for helping the Tsunami victims.

willow a dit…

Fun post. And the photo of your father is wonderful.

The Daily Connoisseur a dit…

What a lovely post- I spent about a month in Sri Lanka after graduating from University and LOVED it- such beautiful people...

Béatrix a dit…

Ton article est joli et celui sur ton père également tout comme les photos de toi petite et l'article sur les mangues...merci India.

Anonyme a dit…