mardi 6 janvier 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise...

Or, at least,
it would feel and look pretty much like paradise if
only it wasn't so freezing cold..!

I finally got round to making a list of all those eligible for my
Birthday giveaway

The lake this morning (air temp. -8°C) looking towards Veyrier

So, with the help of my girls, we cut the list into strips, folded them tightly
and popped them all into an old straw hat...
The hat was shaken several times before one folded paper strip
was selected by youngest daughter
(who, incidently, wanted to select a winner plus two runners-up - not just one winner..!)

And the winner is...

Do check out her delightful blog
Oh, and I've decided to list all participants below so you can visit
their fantastic blogs too...


As I post, I'm listening to the soundtrack of the Ballet we enjoyed
(despite having already seen it several times)
at the Covent Garden Opera House just before Christmas,
I'm still under the spell...

My photos of my ticket, the programme...

List of participants in my Birthday giveaway:
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A big Thank You to you all for participating
- better luck next time..!

8 commentaires:

A Cuban In London a dit…

Happy New Year! Thanks for popping by. So, you were in London! And you went to the Royal Opera House to see the ballet! Lucky you.

Loved the picture of the lake.

Greetings from London.

The Daily Connoisseur a dit…

Congratulations to the winner! And thank you for the honorable mention :) Happy New Year!

High Desert Diva a dit…

Congrats to the winner!

Beautiful lake though.

Callie Grayson a dit…

congrats to the winner.
thanks for posting everyone, it is always nice to view new blogs!
I saw Manon at the Royal Opera House when I attended school in France. It was amazing!

delfine du facteur a dit…

bonne année très chère India J et merci pour tous les commentaires e soutien que tu as égrainé totu au long de cette année passée very All the best for you Grande dame!!!!

Béatrix a dit…

Très bonne année India et merci pour cette jolie liste que tu as fait pour vais visiter tous ces très beaux blogs de ce pas...

Esti a dit…

Lately I've been thinking on going to see a ballet with my eldest kid but I don't find many ocassions in Bilbao... Looks fantastic!

l'air du temps a dit…

how fun! what a cool gesture of kindness to be the one chosen and to receive a gift...

merci beaucoup!

truly another day in paradise!