jeudi 29 janvier 2009

I am the type of lady who...

° is camera shy but doesn't mind sharing photos
of herself as a child...
(however awful they be..!)
Kumasi, Ghana, early 1970s
- I'm the one on the L looking rather like "the village idiot"..!
.° believes in you,
even when you don't believe in yourself...

° reads poetry in Spanish, translates it to French
then to English and
back once again to Spanish...
(needless to say, the resulting poem is never the same as the original..!)

° is never properly dressed when the storm hits...
° adores ballgowns, fancy party frocks and really high heels,
but would look, and feel, ridiculous
if she were ever to wear them..!

° is extremely aware of her surrounding environment
and does all she can to preserve it...
(through recycling, organic gardening...etc)

° loves a big hug...
° is the same size and shape
(flat chested, straight up and down - rather like a lamp post)
as she was at about fifteen..!
° can be counted on to get the job done
° eases the tension with a joke...
not always understood, here in France, I might add,
as she has a British sense of humour..!
° will never, ever understand cricket rules...

° gives people multiple chances to redeem themselves
- she does this for better or worse...

° is a free spirit;
apparently hard to define by other's definitions...

° believes that she has a whole host of Guardian Angels,
right by her side...
° would happily spend her life barefoot if she could...
° has difficulty sitting still to watch a movie
- never watches TV and when at the movies only stays if the film
is really really good..!
° would not know how to take herself seriously
but does know how and when to take others seriously..!
° gets distracted whilst cooking and burns something...
° enjoys the finer things in life, but is equally happy
to "live like the locals" when travelling afar
- it's the only way to get a real feel for a country and its' people
° answers your mail faster than she returns your phonecall
(unless it's urgent..!)

° has great faith in humanity...
° keeps her word, whatever...
Tell me,
What type of lady/gentleman are you..?

9 commentaires:

vicki archer a dit…

Loved learning about you and I think we have many likes and things in common. It is fantastic how you have written your post, xv.

Anonyme a dit…

je crois que sur certains points, je te ressemble beaucoup :))

Susana a dit…

Very nice blog... gracias y saludos desde España!

Callie Grayson a dit…

brilliant post. love learning a bit more about you. I think we would be great friends!

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Lovely to know more about you. We could be good friends off line too.
and your childhood photo is adorable. Since I know you have a collection of lovely photos I thought I would tag you and it is an easy one. Look in the 6th folder in your computer where you keep your pics and share the 6th photo in it with your blogging buddies and then tag some of them to do the same

Jazz a dit…

- would happily spend her life barefoot if she could...
- gets distracted whilst cooking and burns something...
- enjoys the finer things in life, but is equally happy
to "live like the locals" when travelling afar

I do all those things too. And as fort he cooking, this is why Mr. Jazz cooks at our house.

l'air du temps a dit…

your photo as a girl is precious! and so sweet knowing a bit more about ya...

what type of lady am i... hmmm. shy at first, and when i feel safe you can't shut me up.

and i adore pretty things and pretty places, so i'm with you on wearing lovely things. i dream of it more than i actually do. but i hope one day i'll make more effort to wear the lovely things...

bon week-end you!

aliette a dit…

je ne saurai pas me définir en qq phrases, mais c'est intéressant de vous découvrir... nous avons des points commun sauf la silhouette! ha! ha!

Esther Garvi a dit…

I LOVED reading this! Could relate to quite a few of those, lol - including the bare feet!