jeudi 27 novembre 2008

*A timely reminder..?

Don't write...

Don't write.
It's too powerful.
It might tell someone how
you feel.
How you hurt.
What you don't understand.

Don't write.
It's too powerful.
It will show who you are
on the inside to the outside.
It'll blow your cover,
your nice reputation.

Don't write.
It's too powerful.
You might hurt someone's feelings.
People may not like your words.
They may attack you,
or abandon you.

Don't write.
It's too powerful.
It might give others hope.
Let them know
they're not alone.
It might change minds.
Change directions.
Change the world.
So, whatever you do,
don't write.
* This poem is not only a timely reminder given current events
in France and around the world but
also, at least, to my mind,
it raises the issue of how and why bloggers decide
to censure themselves...or not.
I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have on the
issues raised...

13 commentaires:

Claire a dit…

It is so good to be back in your space.

Don't write... I have to write for all the issues that are raised are the exact reasons I started writing in the first place. I want to effect change; I want to create questions. I want to live my inward life, outwardly.

Being real is one of the greatest challenges of life. Writing helps me overcome and manage this challenge.

It is powerful indeed...


A Cuban In London a dit…

It's funny, I uploaded a post last night on my blog touching upon a similar issue using the Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez as an example. I love this poem because of its strength.

Keep writing, dear, we need you! :-)

Greetings from London.


I would say:

Write...write. It's too powerful.

Gracias por tus palabras en mi blog. ¿Qué haríamos sin la palabra?

Un abrazo

High Desert Diva a dit…

Love this...

Ana a dit…

Beutiful poem.

"People may not like your words.
They may attack you,
or abandon you"

Sólo algunos quieren llegar a la verdad sin miedo.

Callie Grayson a dit…

I love this post. The poem is strong and powerful!
My grandmother always encouraged me to write saying that it is the most effective way to get your thoughts heard.
I enjoy reading your thoughts. I hear it clearly and I say keep writing India. My eyes are open with my heart receptive.

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

What a beautiful poem. Yes writing is such a powerful tool which very often people do not realise. With a stroke of a pen the course of histories have been changed. Keep writing and sharing your creativity it is beautiful

Wine Geek a dit…

Found your blog via Claire (my dear friend). This poem evoked feelings of "if I don't write then I am betraying myself". How else can I release my joy, my pain, my love which I cannot express vocally? I would be lost if I didn't have this outlet.
Thank you for the realisation.

Amy a dit…

Very thought inspiring poem...

I write because I am most honest when I do. I can deny reality in my mind but when I write about it - it comes out true.

Jen Lee a dit…

Thank you for sharing my piece!

dutchbaby a dit…

This poem is so timely for me. I'm a relatively new blogger and I often think about the voice I now present to the world.

As a young, insecure child I used to be afraid of writing my personal feelings down. Then as a teenager, I got up the nerve to write my personal feelings in pencil. It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I finally dared to write journal entries in pen. Now, I'm writing in a media that in many senses is more permanent than pen, plus I also write to the whole world. Scary. This poem gives me strength.

Thank you very much!

dutchbaby a dit…

P.S. I found you via Cuban in London

corine a dit…

I just discovered your blog via castle in spain. This is an issue I struggle with everyday. I usually say too much and never enough.