mercredi 5 novembre 2008

Now For Something Completely Different...

Things I will never know...
1. Why I never feel a foreigner - Here, There or Elsewhere,
yet always look like one, or so I'm told...
(everywhere except in Scandinavia, that is..!)
2. How it feels to live in a new house.
I love to live in old homes - I don't think I could ever live in a new one;
it needs to have a history...
3. Why I need absolute darkness and silence to sleep...
4. How it feels to be short -
at 1M75 (5'9) I tower above most ladies my age;
particularly here in France...
5. Why, unlike everyone else I know, given the choice between a big,
gooey slice of chocolate cake or a glass of the best red wine
and a slice of local goat's cheese, I'd choose
the latter every time...
6. How it feels to be competitive -
I just don't do competition.
Even as an athlete, I only ever ran to improve
my own times;
never, to be the winner...
7. Why it's so difficult sometimes to know where to draw the line.
Even the line between what I should, or should not,
write on this blog...
8. How to whistle - I can blow air - that's about
it, I'm afraid...
9. Why no matter how much you care, some people
just don't care back.
Why can't we all just get along..?
10. How it feels to drink to excess purely to get drunk
- I like my liver the way it is,
i.e. not in a jar...
What will you never know?

9 commentaires:

My Castle in Spain a dit…

i was about to say...I will never know such and such but then how can we be sure it will never happen ?

Mary-Laure a dit…

I loved reading your answers and feel like I know you better now. I'll leave you my red wine and cheese for dessert anytime...

Callie Grayson a dit…

i am with you with the red wine and cheese, even though i love cake. but it not that often you are offered really good wine and cheese:)

#8 cracked me up! i can't whistle either! i have tried and tried. even had johnny resnik try and teach me, still i can't whistle. (it was pretty funny watching johnny pucker his lips and then say lips round like a cheerio!)

Claire a dit…

I feel near to you in this post. I am able to relate to every post apart from the drinking ones as I do not drink at all.

But a few others are:

1. Why some people try to find their identity in others.
2. Why so few people question what really is happening around them.
3. Why God is so misunderstood.

Claire a dit…

and then another thought... i do believe the answers will be revealed in eternity.

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Now I know a little bit more about you and I am so glad we found each others blog how or why ours paths crossed I don't know but I sure am blessed for it.
Thank you so much for your wishes.

Eleanor a dit…

I will take a glass or ice cold savignon blanc (preferably South African) instead of the red, and the cheese! But definitely not a bottle - I would also hate my liver in a jar!

Béatrix a dit…

As I shall like sometimes meet all these friends of Africa and I shall share with you the piece of cheese and the glass of red wine to celebrate with you these magnificent American elections and speak about our memories of Africa ... forgiveness for my bad English..!!

Alexandra Hedberg a dit…

why forreign in Scadinavia?