jeudi 6 novembre 2008

Au Coeur de la Provence...

Coup de Ceour pour ce lieu sublime:
Chambre d'Hôte de Charme
à *Beaumes de Venise

Au coeur de la Provence, au pied du Mont Ventoux,
et au milieu des vignes du fameux Muscat...
Cette bâtisse du XVIIIè construite à même la roche
est un lieu unique...

.D'autres photos et détails
*Beaumes de Venise est sur "La Route des Vins"de la Vallée du Rhône...
Les villages ainsi que les paysages environnants
sont absolument magnifiques..!
Check here for more photos and info. on this unique
place where we had planned to spend
the past week...
Why is it, just when you really need a break the most
- sunshine, quality time together as a family -
last minute, unexpected professional commitments and dramatic weather conditions
in central and southern France (torrential rain and flooding...)
conspire to keep you stuck at home..?
On the positive side, being "grounded" meant we were able to follow the last leg of the
American elections and witness history in the making - "live" on TV/Internet -
now that really was exhilarating..!

14 commentaires:

High Desert Diva a dit…

What a beautiful spot. Here's hoping you get to go soon.

l'air du temps a dit…

it truly is inviting. after such emotion these past few days it will be nice to find a beautiful place and let all the good feelings soak in...

Elizabeth a dit…

Yes, this is the most lovely place.
Wish I could go there too....
maybe one day.

Esther Garvi a dit…

What a beautiful place! I'd love to go there for a weekend! Hope you get to go soon and enjoy it for all of us!!!

Greetings from West Africa,

A Cuban In London a dit…

Beautiful images and so relaxing.

Thanks for your comment on my blog, but the text wasn't mine but Margaret Atwood'. I might have a nice way with words, but I could never match Canada's most exemplary literary export.

Greetings from London.

l'air du temps a dit…

if i may, just wanted to send a quick thanks to your comment on l'adt. i changed my post. as i had been afraid, thinking can this great and wonderful happening be true... your enthusiasm assures me it really is happening and it's soooo exciting. thanks a bunch!

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Oh what a beautiful spot. Never mind you will have another opportunity to visit the place I am sure. Perhaps it will be the best holiday you will have.

Rosa's Yummy Yums a dit…

Un si bel endroit! Paisible!



Mrs.French a dit… sorry to hear about your trip, however, it was nice of you to join us for all the Obama excitement...xo

Georgia (AKA g-bug) a dit…

i just discovered your blog through Claire at "my life in a picture"

yours is a lovely and inspiring blog.

Callie Grayson a dit…

I am in love with this beautiful place. I hope you get to go soon.... truly beautiful!

Jazz a dit…

What a beautiful place... Enjoy it for me when you do go and I'm stuck in the middle of a Montreal November.

Alexandra Hedberg a dit…

hope you'll get to enjoy it later - in some way. Southern central France... to me in London it sounds like heaven (I lived in Aix-en-Provence for a year)

Mélanie a dit…

Pas tres loin de chez moi , mais idéal pour un week end ! je note l'adresse !