jeudi 16 octobre 2008

World Food Day...

Did you know..?
There are 250,000 known plant species in the world,
but only 20 of them provide 90% of our food...
The Eden Foundation believe that the key to prosperity for the poor
lies in underexploited, edible trees and bushes...


Esther Garvi is the lady on the right of the above photo.
As an unpaid volunteer with the Sweden-based non–profit organisation
Eden Foundation
she lives and works in the Zinder zone of the Niger
- one of the poorest countries in the world -
and I really wanted to draw attention, particularly today,
World Food Day
to what she and other volunteers are doing around the world to help
relieve suffering from hunger and malnutrition...

Do checkout
Esther's blog; it's extremely interesting and this
amazing lady manages to regularly update it with news, views,
recipes and, of course, her stunning photos...

Esther Garvi

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Esti a dit…

i¡m checking her blog right now! thanks for sharing... :)

Ragged Roses a dit…

Thanks for this post, I will go off and read more

Sandra Evertson a dit…

Lovely post, Thanks!

minuscule expo a dit…

hello philippa, je viens juste de terminer un livre pile sur ce sujet : la nature nous sauvera, François Coupland ( apôtre des plantes sauvages comestibles ) biz

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Thanks for sharing the site. They are doing a marvelous job.

Ms. Tee a dit…

Wow, her photos are amazing. I'm going to have go back and read more when I have a block of time. :)

Anonyme a dit…