jeudi 9 octobre 2008

Expressions From The Heart...

"J'ai les goûts les plus simples du monde.
Je me contente du meilleur."
Oscar Wilde
Check out the Ladurée online boutique here
Just a couple of the little treats I brought back from Paris for

some good friends of mine who, like myself, appreciate the finer things in life...
I just love all that pretty packaging and,
I have it on good authority, both the *macaroons and *chocolate
are to to die for..!
* I wouldn't know as I never eat chocolates and enjoy very few patisseries -
It's just another of my idiosyncrasies - I've simply not got a sweet tooth..!

6 commentaires:

Sureando a dit…

oH! I do have a very sweet tooth.
Se ven deliciosos los dulces y los chocolates y en especial los envoltorios.

amy a dit…

laduree makes the best macaroons!

Callie Grayson a dit…

oh yeah! they are absolutely beautiful and they taste amazing!!!!
i have a sweet tooth!
glad you are back. hope your holiday was fun.

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Hope you had a lovely time in Paris. Those chocolates look delicious. But I too don't have a sweet tooth, but I don't know why people keep giving me chocolates as gifts lol! I have several boxes sitting in my fridge.

Amina a dit…

j'adore le chocolat!!
En lisant ce post, tout ce que je voulais c'est les mettre dans ma bouche :)

Esther a dit…

Oh my, that just looks too good!! Do you know what chocolate is worth here in Niger, where you can't buy it in the stores??? :-)

Greetings from West Africa,