jeudi 4 décembre 2008

Idées Cadeaux...

This time last week, late evening,
when the girls were settled for the night,
I went on a shopping spree for Christmas gifts late into the night...

.*Here are just a few of my purchases:
.Necklace crafted from recycled glass
Viva Terra

Slate Cheese Board Set
Viva Terra

Kitchen herb plantabox

Vintage Baking Trays
by RE

Vintage Welsh Blankets
by RE

Assorted French Christmas Postcards
by RE

Why these are a few of my favourite places to shop online:
- RE
sells the sort of things that I love, and know my family and friends will

appreciate - the quirky, often old, little things that give a house
some character and distinction...
Not On The High Street
supports small businesses and offers gorgeous gifts
with a conscience...

Viva Terra
sells a wide variety of eco-friendly artisan products
from around the world...

* never easy when those you're buying for, already have everything...
I can only show these (and not all the other things I bought)
as the recipients of these gifts do not visit my blog..!

12 commentaires:

Elizabeth a dit…

What wonderful gifts! Your friends and family are some lucky folks....

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Beautiful gifts India. Your family and friends are going to love it.


Oh! I have the same vintage baking trays. Heredados de mi familia de Punta Arenas.
Lindas compras, seguro que les gustarán a tus amigos y familiares.

Amina a dit…

i loove those baking trays!
I can already see myself using them

Callie Grayson a dit…

oh thank you thank you thank you!
great shopping sites. I am luvvvvving those vintage welsh blankets!

High Desert Diva a dit…

Wonderful choices!

Claire a dit…

your friends are priviledged to have you buy them such personalised and meaningful gifts. teh french postcards are my favourite.

Claire a dit…

sorry "the" not "teh"

The Daily Connoisseur a dit…

I love that necklace... and those blankets! Your friends and family are very lucky :)

dutchbaby a dit…

We barely even met and I already know that I want to be your friend. My goodness you have great taste! The necklace - recycled even! The baking trays, the postcards - they're all wonderful! Your lucky friends!

Angry African a dit…

Hum... Can I place my order? Any of them will do... Your friends and family are going to be so happy.

Fifi Flowers a dit…

I ADORE all of these items! FAB stuff!