vendredi 5 décembre 2008

Believe me...

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue,
and the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true”
Lyman Frank Baum
Image: Dreyer & Hensley

Enjoy your weekend..!

What I've be listening to today...

6 commentaires:

My Castle in Spain a dit…

and you too !!
this pic is so good to look at...

rochambeau a dit…

Hello friend! Yes dreams.....they do come true! We must first decide what we want to make it manifest! Thank you for stopping by. You brightened my day!

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Beautiful picture and a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.
Bon weekend.

Callie Grayson a dit…

lovely image, all the blue loveliness
have an amazingly fun time tonight at your party!
have a great weekend.

The Daily Connoisseur a dit…

Bon weekend... xo!

Claire a dit…

more than anything i want to believe that what you write is true.

happy week!