lundi 8 décembre 2008

Down Memory Lane...

"La fortune tient moins aux possessions accumulées
qu'à la capacité de vivre avec peu"
Mike Horn,
Objectif : pôle nord de nuit, 2007

Images: Baileys Home and Garden

"Fortune is less about accumulated possesions
than the capacity to live with little"
Mike Horn,
Objective : north pole by night, 2007
Most days I feel like I'm still in my 20's, if not my late teens,
so, being reminded that I am now more than 20 years past my 21st birthday
somehow comes as a bit of a shock - plus, by the end of the month
I'll be another year older..!
Anyway, what I'm leading to, is, that
it doesn't seem that long ago that I was an undergraduate,
house-sharing in London with a group of great friends from around the world.
It was seeing the storage boxes and baskets above, the other day on the
website that brought back vivid memories of the rather "original"
interior decoration we created.
Made up, mostly, of a collection of hand-me-down bric à brac and zillions of
wine boxes, trunks and wicker baskets of all sizes and shapes
for storage - none of which we paid much for as we were impercunious, to say the least,
and much preferred to spend the little money we had on books, travel and

10 commentaires:

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Those trunks reminds me of my childhood when people travelled in India by train they always had trunks like that.

Callie Grayson a dit…

oh yes, the university days. I remember using milk crates to hold our books, which by the way had a warning label on them that it was an offense that could result in proscution if not used for milk and returned. We all had them, but I never heard of anyone going to jail for using one.

Callie Grayson a dit…

by the way, lovely images.

dutchbaby a dit…

How fun to look back on the old college days. I remember having to use ingenuity to create storage for our ever-expanding belongings and inexpensive meals for our ever-expanding bellies.

A Day That Is Dessert a dit…

I love these images!

Claire a dit…

living with little is an art i tend to master and then lose sight of only to start again.

bailey's features are stunning!

Mrs.French a dit…

sweet, sweet bailey's...xo t

Ragged Roses a dit…

I feel like I could have written this post, having lived in a very similar student house! Thanks for the lovely photos form Baileys. Happy Birthday too

High Desert Diva a dit…

Those images do bring back memories!

Shelby a dit…

Such gorgeous treasures