lundi 30 juin 2008

Monday's wish...

"Love is the answer.
Now, what was the question?"
Author Unknown
Outside our front door...
I wish I was a bigot...
"I wish I was a bigot
A hypocrite that never checks his words.
Never have to stop before I speak… or write.
Never had to consider what other people think or feel.
Because I do.

I wish I was blind.
Blind so I can see no pain.
Never see their faces.
Never see the suffering.
Never see the words I write.
Because I can see.

I wish I had no memory.
No memories of faces and places that suffer.
No memories of the bad times of others.
No memories that remind me why I am on this earth.
Because I have memories.

I wish I never worried.
Never worried about the lives taken in war and hate.
Never worry about the hungry kids.
Never worry about the suffering women.
Because I do worry.

I wish I never cared.
Never cared about the lives of others.
Never caring about the world we are leaving behind for our kids.
Never cared about the workers suffering to make our clothes
and pick our food.

Because I do care.
I do care.
I do worry.
I do have memories.
I do see.
But sometimes. Just sometimes.
It gets too much.
And I need to take a deep breath.
And start again.
Above all.
There is love."

Anyone else feeling like this..?

6 commentaires:

Ann Marie a dit…

Where do you get all of these neat says and quotes?
I love your pretty flowers out of your door. Thanks for sharing!

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Your Hydrangeas are beautiful. Mine never flower the way they should. Yesterday when I went to a garden centre I saw some lovely colours and wondered what I was doing or not doing wrong for them not to flower. Ah well lets see if I am successful next year.
Thats a great quote and many a time a lot of us go through those kind of emotions.

Karen Mallory a dit…

Thank you for wisiting my blog. I am glad you liked the quilt I made. beautiful flowers and poem. You have a very interesting blog. Lots of neat pictures and sentiments. Wish I knew French so I could understand it all!
hugs Karen

Cours, Pars, Enfuis-toi! a dit…

Yes, I feel this way too. You have a beautiful blog, The outlook is very simple and nice, reminds me of some Ikebanas, in the spirit. The pictures are really nice and the writing is moving. Carry on! I'll come around to see how it gets here.

Cours, Pars, Enfuis-toi! a dit…

I can't write a comment in using my actual name "Kwaame", I have to log in my old google account. Can't comment using my atcual ID with my actual URL ? (

Anonyme a dit…

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