dimanche 1 juin 2008

The Flower Market...

If my garden was not in the French Alps,
I'd have bought some bougainvillier and some hibiscus for my garden...
I love the atmosphere of this (semi)permanent flower market
at Place Louis Lepine, on the Île de la Cite.
It's the most famous and, unfortunately, one of the last flower markets of Paris
- there are 2 others : beside the church of La Madeleine (8th)
and Place des Ternes (17th)
The different stalls offer a large choice of rare flowers and orchids
plus trees, aromatic plants and fresh cut flowers
The market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.
On Sundays there is a bird market.

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Sureando a dit…

I love bouganvilias and hibiscus, they are in my garden.