mardi 1 juillet 2008

Me, myself, I


° As a multi-cultural person I am always somewhere in-between.
I never feel 100% me in any culture...

° I don't like people with no sense of humour, I've no idea how
to relate to them;
I find they take themselves too seriously...

° My friends are such a mixed bunch that I might dine in the best restaurants
in Paris one day and sit at a roadside food stall
in Africa (or the African quartier of Paris) eating with my fingers the next...
I am not at all elitist –
but I am extremely choosy who I spend my time with..!

° I do not fit into the established mould of a Mum.
There are things I do and things I do not do.
My daughters like me just the way I am though,
so I guess I can't be doing that badly...
° I think customs and traditions are really important,
particularly in our detached society...

4 commentaires:

Fifi Flowers a dit…

Nice to learn a little about you... you sound lovely!

Shashi Nayagam a dit…

Nice to know you a little bit more. Hope we will be able to meet some day.

rochambeau a dit…

Hi Indiana J.
You're my kinda girl!

Angry African a dit…

Aah. So we have more in common than I thought. No single cultural fit, humor, happy in a five star or out in the bush, etc. Nice to know you.