jeudi 15 mai 2008

For love of the great outdoors...

I love zinc tubs, I always have
like the one below featured in one of my home decorating magazines
or the big round ones I have in the garden
with my Rhodedendrons and Hydrangeas in...
Photos: Toast
. .
I'd never really questionned why
until this old photo was dug out
and we got to thinking...
I wonder if this could be some kind of explanation
for what, some think, is a weird passion...
Some of my happiest moments were spent splashing around
in these tubs in the yard
and judging by the number of photos there of of me at different times
with or without friends/sisters, I obviously loved every second..!

P.S For anyone who just might be wondering...
we did have "proper" bathrooms and we always lived
in beautiful old colonial houses,
it's just that I preferred to spend all my time outdoors...

7 commentaires:


très joli blog !!
j'aime aussi beaucoup ces objets !!!

amy a dit…

what a great shot of that bathtub! it's like from another world!

sher a dit…

OH, what wonderful pictures! I would love one of those tubs in my back yard!

Sweet Repose a dit…

Thanks for stopping by, I too have the photos of the bath in the zinc tub, also my Granny would carry me around in an old clothes (vegetable)basket, which I dearly treasure today...I'll be back.

Kitt a dit…

How sweet!

I see an old tub like that and thing, what a nice planter that would make!

Kitt a dit…

Er, "think" not "thing."

vitya a dit…

This is a photo quoting very kind memories. Small child in soot, I took a bath in a wooden wash tub. He is like this with self-forgetting childlike happiness.